#archiveday – The second coming

#archiveday – The second coming

Way back in February we tried out our first #archiveday on Twitter and it certainly had some positive results so I thought to myself….. why not do it again?!?!

Since December 31st 2009 we’ve published over 800 articles and podcasts here at PhotoCreative365 so there’s bound to be something you’ve missed!

Tuesday 16th August will be our next archive day but rather than just sharing on Twitter we’ll be sharing our archive posts on a whole host of social networks.

What to expect…

At PhotoCreative36
The posts we have planned on Tuesday is a Top 100 Most Popular Posts at PhotoCreative365 of 2011

We’ll be posting a article on the hour every hour from 9am till 7pm

Top 100 posts

  1. WordPress for photographers
  2. Photoshop and Workflow for photographers
  3. Social Media for photographer
  4. Sunday Showcases
  5. PhotoCreative 365 recommends
  6. Guest Bloggers at PhotoCreative365
  7. Michael’s personal posts (and rants)
  8. Photography Business and Marketing
  9. Techniques
  10. Best of the rest

On Twitter@memorygate

I’ll be tweeting every 10 mins from 6am GMT till about midnight with the #archiveday hashtag. There will be other tweets of course but those will come via Facebook and in the form of replies to those of you who might want to converse.

On Facebook

They’ll be scheduled posts throughout the day (about 2 an hour) via the PhotoCreative 365 Facebook page.

On Google+ StumbleUpon Tumblr

I’ll be sharing a few links throughout the day. These won’t be scheduled.

It should be an interesting day and I’ll be sure to share the results with you all!