Free Photoshop Actions

Selective Desaturation Photoshop Action

Sometimes I create actions in Photoshop which I really don’t mean too………This is just one of them!
There are in fact two versions which we’ve bundled together which you can download in the Members Area

LensBaby Photoshop Action 3.0

This is our third and most exciting LensBaby effect Photoshop action.
Lens baby Photoshop action 2 and Lens Baby effect in Photoshop 1 are still available to download for non-members but this really is our most impressive and versatile LensBaby action to date!

Vignette Photoshop Action

As Photoshop actions go this one couldn’t be simpler. That’s why we titled it Simple Vignette.
One problem I found with many vignette tools is that they add contrast to the overall scene or dull highlights. This action simply adds shading to the edges of your image.
This is a members only…

Guy Gowan action extension – preserve sky

The HDR capabilities of Guy Gowan’s retouch action on their own are fantastic (no I’m not on commission) but if you’ve attended any of his seminars you might have seen him preserve the detail in the clouds and sky whilst still boosting the shadow areas.
This free Photoshop action does exactly that. It’s recommended that you use The S and H extension which can be downloaded at Guy Gowan retouch action extension

Guy Gowan retouch action extension

If you haven’t been lucky enough to attend a Guy Gowan seminar in person then head over to his website at Along with his wonderful Retouch action there is a growing library of Photoshop tutorial videos. There are ways you can easily extend certain aspects of the action and today’s free download extends the H and S range.

Day 159 – RGB Photoshop filter action

Day 159 – RGB Photoshop filter action

This action is a great way to nondestructively tone your images will three levels of Red, Green and Blue. It works great on colour or black and white images. For each colour there are 3 levels of opacity – 25%, 50% and 75%.

There’s is also a paint option which allows you to paint in your desired colour cast which is what we’ve done in the image above.

Day 155 – Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions

Day 155 – Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions

Annie Manning from Paint the Moon has just released her set of Photoshop actions. We’re a big fan of Paint the Moon here at Photo Creative 365 and Annie’s actions certainly haven’t disappointed!….. and we’ve only tried the free ones!

You can find the rest of Annie’s free photoshop actions at her blog at