Guy Gowan retouch action extension

Guy Gowan retouch action extension

If you haven’t been lucky enough to attend a Guy Gowan seminar in person then head over to his website at¬†Along with his wonderful Retouch action there is a growing library of Photoshop tutorial videos.

On Wednesday 21st July 2010 12 pm (IST)¬†there will also be an Aperture ‘Live’ Web Seminar……

You know people laugh at me when they see I use Aperture but they never laugh when I show them why…

Guy Gowan

Just me you’re in for a treat!

We use the retouch action as part of our workflow and I can certainly recommend that you should too!

There are ways you can easily extend certain aspects of the action and today’s free download extends the H and S range.

For this action to work you will need the Guy Gowan Retouch action which is available to members at

Download the Guy Gowan Retouch Action Extension – Increase S and H

I’ve put a little video together showing you how it works and how to install it into the current retouch action.