NextGEN Gallery add-ons – Smooth Gallery

NextGEN Gallery add-ons – Smooth Gallery

We have already looked a a brief list of NextGEN Gallery add-ons for WordPress but we’re going to take a closer look at some of the more popular gallery effects. Today we’re looking at  NextGen Smooth Gallery.

If you you’re looking for an image gallery plugin for your WordPress site, you really can’t go wrong with NextGEN. Here’s our overview of the plugin - NextGEN Gallery and Plugins.

Smooth Gallery

NextGen Smooth Gallery allows you to use JonDesign’s Smooth Gallery viewer on your NextGen-Gallery galleries.

Here’s a sample of how it looks….



The instal couldn’t be easier really. Once you download and activate the plugin then head over at setup the options.

There doesn’t does to be any resizing so it might be worth deciding the size you like before you upload your images.

There’s no extra galleries you have to setup as this is an extension. This makes the smooth gallery great if you just want to simply change galleries you already have.

The set up

  1. Simply set the size of your gallery – We set our gallery to be roughly the wide of our post (570x570pixels)
  2. Set up timed slideshow options – We set this option to it’s default timings
  3. Choose if you wish to have ‘next’ arrows.
  4. Show (or not) the info plane… the file name in other words
  5. Set Carousel options…. you might want to change the default text – we changed ours to ‘thumbnails’ but deselected the ‘opened’ option.
  6. Embed Links – choose to open the full size image on a blank page – we turned this option off
  7. Set Alignment – with most WordPress templates images in the centre work better in a post or page….especially if you have a lot of other text on the page
  8. Then just copy and paste the code [smooth=id:yyy;] into your post – Just change the yyy to the NextGen gallery ID you wish.
  9. Done!

Next week we’re going to be looking at another add-on for the NextGallery.

Please feel free to share links to your site where you’ve used this plugin.